Imus and “Cute” Tenessee Women

Missing among the outraged voices in the scandal surrounding Don Imus and his incredibly stupid comments about the Rutgers women’s basketball team is any statement from the University of Tennessee women’s basketball program.  I haven’t scoured the entire web for their response, but a look through their team website finds no statement responding to Imus’ racist and sexist comments about the Rutgers team (the Rutgers site, however, has links to several articles and statements on the controversy).  This is disappointing.  I would hope that the Lady Vols would join in solidarity with their fellow student-athletes over at Rutgers and reject Imus’ racist and sexist statements.

But if they wouldn’t join cause with the women from Rutgers, perhaps they would simply stand up for themselves.  After all, (appropriately) less noticed in Imus’ comments are his sexually objectifying words about the Tennessee team – "And the girls from Tennessee,
they all look cute."  These student-athletes just won the national championship, and all Imus can say about them is that they are "cute"?  Of course, these comments pale in comparison with what he said about the mostly African-American Rutgers team, but I would hope that someone in a Lady Vols uniform would speak up – in defense of the women from Rutgers, or at least  in defense of themselves as women student-athletes.  But then again, we are talking about the Lady Vols, and perhaps "speaking up" is just not Lady-like.  Whatever the reason, their silence is deafening.

The Lady Vols may have won the championship, but the Rutgers Scarlet Knights, in resisting the brutal forces of sexism and racism, have won the day.

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6 thoughts on “Imus and “Cute” Tenessee Women

  1. Very valid points. I happen to work in professional women’s hoops. We are keeping close tabs on the whole affair. It is true….I didn’t hear the whole affair….but it sounds to me like they were treating the championship like a little side show? Let me tell you….these women could beat the pants off of most men….you should see the physical strength that they possess…..and 9.5 times out of 10, women athletes at this level are very well spoken, care for the game and its future, and about giving back to the community and inspiring the future players.

  2. You can also hear Pat Summitt talk about it on video on, Women’s Basketball section.

  3. As the father of a daughter who attends UTK I respectfully disagree with your comments regarding the Lady Vols. Pat Summitt has shown that she and her student athletes are so far superior to the boarish troglodyte Imus that they needn’t dignify his comments with a response. It might also be that there is something to the notion that one just might overcome hate with love. The Lady Vols have proven themselves on the court and have accquited themselves well off of the court. Their actions speak well for themselves and their university. “Go VOLS”

  4. I appreciate WAJ’s and Kathy’s comments about Pat Summitt and the Lady Vols, but in our media-savvy world I am surprised that the good folks at Tennessee didn’t make a better effort at publicizing their outrage at Imus and standing in solidarity with the women of Rutgers. That’s all. I’m sure that the Lady Vols were offended by Imus’ comments, but I think they could have done a better job at letting the world know their feelings – beginning with their team website!

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