Party All The Time

The Friday Five from our friends @ the RevGalPals.

1) Would you rather be the host or the guest?  Host.

2) When you are hosting, do you clean everything up the minute the guests go home? Will you accept help with the dishes?  The minute people leave?  No way, though sometimes I clean as the dinner/party is still going on – small kitchen, small dishwasher, you know.  But the truth is, I don’t host parties much, but I love it when I do.  And yes, I’m glad for people to help, though only those who are dishwasher-anal can pack the dishwasher.  My mother and my wife, for example, are barred from the dishwasher for ineffecient placement of dirty dishes.

3) If you had the wherewithal, and I guess I mean more than money, to throw a great theme party, what would the theme be?  A theme party?  I’ve enjoyed the post-Christmas crappy gift exchange parties, and also costume parties.  Otherwise, some combination of baseball, theology, and late 80s New Wave music would be fun (for me, anyway).

4) What’s the worst time you ever had at a party?  I was at a wedding reception with my host family on the first weekend of a summer program in Ecuador.  Everybody got drunk, my spanish wasn’t very good, a fight broke out, and my host father drove us home drunk.  That was pretty scary.

5) And to end on a brighter note, what was the best?  My wedding.  We had three receptions on our wedding day – a large tea reception at church, a dinner with friends and extended family at my in-laws, and a dinner-dance party with family and friends at my dad’s house.  That was pretty cool.  Second place?  High school graduation party with my two best friends . . . and half of our graduating class.

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