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This blog is an open diary of my thoughts, reflections, opinions, ideas, questions and quandaries.  What I write here I write personally yet share publicly.  My blog posts may or may not be pulpit or church newsletter material, though you may see glimpses of sermons, teaching topics and newsletter articles in these pixels.  This blog is a different medium and has a different purpose than does my ministry of preaching and teaching within the congregation.  I explore many more topics on this blog than I do in the pulpit or the church classroom . . .

This blog tracks a bit of history … from May 2005 to the present. I certainly don’t currently hold all the opinions posted here.  My mind changes, and I don’t usually go back and delete posts that hold no-longer-held views.  At times I post ideas that quickly get shot down, a process from which I learn and grow.  If you have a question about something I’ve written, recently or several years ago, please ask.  The blog is meant to be an interactive forum, and it works best when there’s some back-and-forth.

I speak for myself.  These words do not necessarily reflect the opinions of anybody for whom I work or to whom I’m related or on whose planet I live. Thus these words are not emblematic, typical, or otherwise representative of ELCA Christians, fathers, Phillies fans, members of St John’s by the Gas Station, theological moderates, Dilbert fans, former paperboys, or Sagittariuses.

Nope. This blog is just me, folks. Please, don’t drag anyone else into it. Thanks!

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