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TypePad has added a new feature – TypePad Pages (non-dated, non-post pages).  I have three TypePad Pages right now, set in the left-hand column: Fine Print Disclaimer, Who is Chris?, and Why The Lutheran Zephyr?  In fact, TypePad has added several features recently, and the few of you who actually visit my blog’s page (rather than use a feedreader or subscribe via email) may see some cosmetic changes in the coming days.

Of course, WordPress had this feature for a while.  Seeing such pages on some of my more frequented blogs (including LutherPunk and haligweorc), I was jealous that TypePad was not as cool.  Well, my blog may still not be as cool as LutherPunk’s, but at least I now have some neat-o pages.

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  1. I *love* this feature! I’m actually working on my Trial Liturgy page right now. It’s the main reason that I left the Blogger platform. While I didn’t have any real problems with Blogger 2, it just didn’t have all the functionality Wordpad did–primarily the static pages and the ability to share pdfs of geeky liturgy items.

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