My Blogaversary

Two years ago – May 22, 2005 – The Lutheran Zephyr was born.  I was blogging over at blogger in those days, and was not very sure what God had in store for me and my vocation.  Two years – and just over 500 posts – later, I’m moving steadily through the Candidacy Process, preparing for internship, and looking forward to a vocation of pastoral ministry.  God is good.

I never would have thought of it two years ago, but this blog has become an important outlet for me to explore ideas, faith, doubt, politics, family, life, baseball, and other important things.  It has really been one of the elements in my life keeping me sane as I’ve moved through the Candidacy Process toward pastoral ministry, and as our family has undergone a few changes.  Where would I be without the blog?  (I’d probably be single, for my wife would have left me over a year ago if she had to keep listening to my darn opinions!  It was my wife who first suggested I get a blog, anyway.)

So, happy blogaversary to me.  And thanks for reading.

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