Blog Interrupted

I haven’t been posting much, and will likely not post for several more days.  Several reasons:

  • My computer is acting up.  My email and blogging routine usually takes place at my dining room table.  But with my computer on the fritz I must banish myself to the second floor to an old desktop computer if I want to go online.  This is not condusive to frequent writing.  I hope to get the computer fixed soon.
  • My CPE Residency is coming to an end.  Woo hoo!  Thursday, May 31 is my last day.  I have been wrapped up in my chaplaincy work both physically and emotionally in recent weeks, pushing this blog and a contract writing project to the back burner.  I hope that the end of this program – coupled with a solution to the aforementioned computer problem – allows me to resume my old writing ways soon.

And other news, in brief:

  • Today I took two of my psych patients out on a day pass.  We had an excellent time at Reading Terminal Market, Love Park, and City Hall.  Of all my units in the hospital, I’ll likely miss the psych ward the most. 
  • Visited the YMCA tonight.  We’ll likely get a family summer membership, enrolling our big girl in a week or two of camp and/or a tumbling class, and allowing me to exercise three days/week (they have child care, free for members!).
  • Did I mention that I’m almost done my CPE Residency?

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