A New Home!

Yesterday we – me, my wife, our two daughters, and my mother – made the daytrip to Fairfax, VA to view a townhouse that we found on craigslist.com.  The house is wonderful – three bedrooms on the second floor, separate living and dining areas on the first floor, a nice kitchen (though we don’t cook too well), a deck, and a finished basement with a spacious laundry room.  Directly behind the house is a shared lawn/open space, and just a hundred yards away is a very expansive stretch of open space – perfect for girls who need to run around, throw a ball, or catch fireflies.  And the house is 2 miles from my church – perfect for a short bike ride!

So, we signed a two-year lease.  The hope is that by the end of the lease I am serving a congregation and we can buy a house near my church or move into a parsonage.

Whew!  We’ve cleared the first hurdle.  Next step: schedule move date, hire movers, and pack.

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  1. Congratulations! I am especially envious of the two-mile bike ride. This will create a daily workout, which also addresses your earlier post about fitness. Very nice.

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