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I haven’t been blogging recently on any kind of heady or deeply theological level, a conundrum I addressed in a recent post, Blogging the Ordinary.  The drought continues.  Sorry folks.

But I have recently added a few blogs to my Google Reader and to my lamely-titled blog list, "The Feeds in my Google Reader," available at right.  There are now 81 blogs in my Google Reader.  A few of the most recently-added blogs came after I reviewed my site
statistics and referrals, and saw that someone came to my blog from
a previously unknown-to-me Lutheran blog.  Just added tonight – The Heart of a Pastor

When reviewing those stats, I can also see what Google search terms steer people to my blog.  The most interesting set of search terms of late – baby "spitting up blood tinged mucus" – sent this websurfer to this page: Details of Caring for a Sick Baby.

And finally, a point of blogging trying-to-be-a-tech-geek-but-it-didn’t-work embarrassment.  Over a year ago I began paying a small annual fee to use the domain  Only tonight did I hit the "activate" button to turn this domain into more than just a forwarding address – now all my pages sit on this domain, rather than just sending them to the blog @ 

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  1. Thank you for the recognition and thank you for your blog. I have been really enjoying it.
    P.S. How did you change your domain name by dropping “typepad” from the address?

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