Away with the Family

I’m spending the next few days at the Great Wolf Lodge in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania with my wife and daughters; brother, sister-in-law and their daughters; and my mother.  We’re celebrating my mom’s 60th birthday in grand, kid-friendly, fashion.  Check out the website for this place – it’s essentially a large hotel with a huge indoor water park complete with slides, a wave pool, waterfalls, and more.  It’s wonderful.

Tomorrow we’re taking a family photo – probably the first formal family photo with my mom and brother since an Olan Mills pic back in 6th grade.  Even though I resist the coordinated clothing – white shirts and blue jeans – it will be very nice to have a family portrait.

The girls are not doing well.  A day in the water and without naps will do that.  Cana was in bed by 7pm, requiring me to leave dinner early.  Tali was acting out much of the day, and is now in bed rather than at the hotel story time for kids.  Hopefully we can be there for story time tomorrow.

I owe myself a chance to sit down and write about the first full week of Daddy Daycare.  It hasn’t been easy on the girls – the dramatic change in routine from the social environment of daycare (many kids in class, several teachers and aides) to being at home with Dad has been a difficult transition.  More to write.  More to process.

Have a good weekend!

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