Next post will arrive in August, from Virginia

It’s going to be a heck of a summer.

As many of you know, we’re moving to suburban Washington, DC (Fairfax, VA).  With my wife gone for the next two weeks teaching at the Summer Theological Academy, and me being consumed with full-time Daddy Daycare and coordinating our au pair search, with my best friend’s wedding on July 7, and our move looming around August 1, I’m taking a long-term leave from blogging.  Unless something crazy happens – such as Derek becoming a low-church methodist or LutherPunk removing his tattos and trading his truck for a Honda Civic or the ELCA announcing that it has discovered the meaning of the long-lost "E"-word and is growing membership and congregations by leaps and bounds – I shall not blog until I’m moved into my new digs in Virginia.

Please, keep me in your feedreader until then or sign up for my email updates (available @ right), and have a blessed and safe summer.  You’ll hear from me in August.

Peace to you,

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  1. Safe travels & peace to your entire family. Would love to hear from you or Jess when you get settled. Godspeed!

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