XM is back – thanks Josh, thanks Dad

I had canceled my XM Satellite Radio subscription several months ago in a cost-cutting measure (at $12.95/month the move was more symbolic, perhaps, than anything else).  But my best bud Josh got me a few months worth of XM service as a thank-you for helping out with his wedding (I was his best man!), and my dad – who didn’t catch the XM bug the way I did – gave me his inno (a really cool XM receiver that is also an MP3 player). 

So I re-subscribed and now I can listen to XM, record songs straight from the XM broadcasts (as long as you press the record button at some point during the song, the inno captures the entire song!), and also put about 120 of my own songs ripped from CDs on the thing.  It’s pretty awesome.  Now that I’ve uploaded a ton of Erasure and bunches of other songs – from Information Society to Enigma to The Cure to Pearl Jam to U2 to Depeche Mode to Jesus Jones – it’s Just Like Heaven.

I don’t indulge in much – no cable tv, no movies, no golf, no video games, no nights out with drinking buddies, and I wear rather boring, ordinary clothing until they fall apart.  But XM is one of the few products of which I Just Can’t Get Enough.  Thanks Josh.  Thanks Dad.  You guys rock.

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2 thoughts on “XM is back – thanks Josh, thanks Dad

  1. Satellite radio is not cheap but worth it. I live in SW MN where I get virtually no good Christian music stations. So I just got satellite radio for my car and I love it. But now I am getting into talk radio, something my wife dislikes.

  2. Hey Chris,
    I’ve been reading on RSS for so long I didn’t see your new layout. Nice and clean. Good work!

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