I’m Going to Cooperstown

The extended family is heading off to Cooperstown, NY, this weekend for the induction of Cal Ripkin, Jr. and Tony Gwynn into the Baseball Hall of Fame.  My wife’s family have been Cal fans since the early ’80s when they lived in Baltimore, and have been planning this trip almost as long.  The forecast calls for rain all weekend – a bummer when the ceremony is outside and we’ve got a 4 and a 1 year-old. 

Though I was a Gwynn fan growing up and I like Cal a whole lot – though I think he could have been an even better player and teammate had he taken a few days off from time to time to lick his wounds – I’m really, really looking forward to a book signing on Sunday morning with George Will.  He will be signing his book Men At Work, one of the best baseball books ever written, and one which features extensive analysis of the way that Tony Gwynn (as a hitter) and Cal Ripkin, Jr (as a fielder) played the game (also featured are Tony LaRussa’s craft as manager and Orel Hershieser’s approach to pitching).  I plan on getting a book signed for myself and also one for our son, who is due in November.  (Oops – did I mention that we’re having a boy, the first boy in my Dad’s side of the family in 29 years?)

Pray for safe travel, happy car-seat riding children, and nice weather.  I hope and pray that the Baseball Gods will look kindly on us this weekend . . .

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6 thoughts on “I’m Going to Cooperstown

  1. Wow, Congratulations Chris! It is exciting to have a boy to balance out the girls!
    Have fun in Cooperstown, I’ve always wanted to visit it myself.

  2. Congrats on the boy. When Marcae and I take our next go around we are hoping for a boy but having our little girl is a lot of fun right now. Enjoy the photos of the fam on your site.
    Cooperstown should be cool. Glad I got to see “the house that Cal built” with you back in the AFP days. Tony Gwynn Jr. (Brewers right fielder) will be there. Can you believe it is almost August and the Brewers have a WINNING record? I guess it pays off when your division is pretty horriable.

  3. Congratulations!
    But, at the risk of sounding like a caricature of myself, have you thought about buying a copy for your girls, too? I wish someone in my youth had thought to make it ok for me to be a baseball head.

  4. Hey Simpleton,
    I didn’t get copies for my girls, but they received other baseball paraphernalia. Our girls have been and will be raised with a love of baseball. My wife and I are both big fans, we both keep a scorecard at the game, we both have our online fantasy teams . . . This particular gift is for the little boy who is coming in November, but all of our children are given the same baseball lovin’ . . .

  5. I wish I had known you were going. I went too. Maybe we could have said hello, but I was already there by the time you posted this.

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