Life without internet . . . egad!

Tomorrow morning is move-in day at our new townhouse in Northern Virginia.  With my wife in Chicago for the ELCA’s Worship Jubilee and my older daughter in Delaware with some dear friends, my one-year old and I will coordinate the move.  We are blessed to have a crew from my internship congregation come with food for the refrigerator and cupboard, tools to build furniture, and people to play with the baby.

From my laptop computer at my hotel this evening I have subscribed to the Washington Post and signed up for Verizon FiOS service.  Whereas the Post will begin on Tuesday or Wednesday, my Verizon FiOS service won’t begin until next Friday, August 17.  Verizon FiOS might be high speed, but the low-tech newspaper will arrive sooner than my internet service.  (As Alanis Morissette might ask, isn’t it ironic?)  How will we live without internet for two weeks?  Gosh, we might have to read that newspaper I just ordered!

Unless I violate the seventh commandment by jumping on a neighbor’s unsecured wireless signal, I may not
get online to do such meaningful things as check my fantasy baseball team and blog.  Somehow I imagine that I’ll find a way to get online over the next two weeks, but just in case . . . see you in a few weeks!

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2 thoughts on “Life without internet . . . egad!

  1. Enjoy your blog!
    I have a question that is completely unrelated here. However, being that you just moved from the area I am in, I would like to know what moving company you used. Silly question, but I used a local company around here and got completely ripped off. Well I am moving again and looking for a more reputable company.
    You can email me @
    Thanks in advance

  2. Living in a dual-house household — one with wi-fi and satellite TV, the other with dial-up and po’ people’s TV — it can be quite jarring going from one domicile to the other. And it’s hard to be a Tigers fan when network TV only broadcasts their games about once a month.

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