Geicogecko We aren’t in Pennsylvania any more.

Geckos roam on and around our new townhouse with impunity.  Perhaps these creatures roam Penn’s Woods, too, but I never encountered them during my 32 years of living in the great Commonwealth of PA.  But now that we’ve relocated to the slightly warmer climes of the great Commonwealth of VA, we seem to be in gecko country.

Yesterday afternoon our four year-old looked at the lowered blinds on her window and said, calmly, "Look daddy, a lizard!"  Sure enough, the afternoon sun cast a crisp silhouette of a gecko onto the cheap venetian blinds.  I pulled the blinds to find the several-inch lizard clinging to the screen of my daughter’s window.  After eliciting several playful laughs from my daughter, the gecko (who, I’m sad to report, did not bear much resemblance to the Geico gecko, above) climbed away onto our roof.  No indoor gecko sightings yet, though according to Wikipedia we should welcome any geckos guests who might take up residence with us because they eat insects.

In other gecko news, our Geico car insurance is less expensive in Virginia than it was in Pennsylvania.  However, I fear the pending slew of fees and taxes involved in transferring my license and vehicles to Virginia will wipe out any savings we have reaped.

Finally, I hear from a reliable source that the Geico Gecko and the Aflac Duck have been wed.  Congratulations to the happy couple!

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