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182_8257We live ten minutes from the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum’s Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, where hundreds of aircraft, models, test vehicles and other air and space artifacts are on display in two huge hangars.

I don’t know diddly about such things, but I find airplanes, space craft and related paraphernalia to be simply fascinating.  Years ago the military took the B2 Stealth Bomber on tour and my dad took me to see it at the Willow Grove Naval Air Station north of Philadelphia.  It looked like something out of Star Wars (the movie, not the silly Reagan-era satellite warfare project).  So stinkin’ cool.

Well, that was nothing compared to seeing a Space Shuttle, orbiters, jets and propeller planes of all eras and varieties, and all kinds of other flying stuff.  My daughter got into it, too, saying that she could be a pilot or astronaut when she grows up (she’s pictured above in front of the Space Shuttle Enterprise).  "But Daddy, I don’t want to go in that plane all by myself.  Can you and Mommy come with me?"

We’d be glad to, dear.

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  1. Chris,
    Welcome to metro DC! I did my internship just down the road at St Andrew Lutheran Church, Centreville, VA with Dennis Hagstrom. I had a great experience in that area — although it certainly had its difficult moments as well. And yes, people in that neck of the woods have a penchant for great wine – check out the wine section at Wegmans in Fairfax – you have to go downstairs, and it is its own room, where they often have tastings. I would be happy to share my experiences there with you. Best of luck on your internship.

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