A Butt-Kicking

I’m getting my (insert term for gludius maximus) kicked on internship.  Transitioning from a summer of childcare which, though exhausting, provided me with ample daily naps and a rather casual work setting, to a new church where I’m struggling to learn names, wrap my head around the particular tasks of ministry at this place, meeting schedules, and where I’m preparing for 8 days when my supervisor will be out of town . . . it has been simultaneously exciting and exhausting (of course, it’s not just the church that is tiring.  The children who seem unable to sleep through the night surely contribute to my sapped energy levels . . .).

But as I begin my internship there is another feeling – I really, really care about this job.  Not that I didn’t invest myself in or care about past jobs as a fundraiser, sales rep, or chaplain, but in those roles I knew from the get-go that my vocation was elsewhere.  Well, though this is only an internship, I have arrived at elsewhere.  Eight years after dropping out of seminary, I have finally returned to my parish vocation, and I find my mind, my heart, my faith racing as I strive to fulfill this internship vocation faithfully. 

I know that I can’t do everything in my first few weeks, and that I have a full year of service and learning ahead of me.  But I’m so stinking excited and eager to learn, to serve, to do the stuff of ministry . . . perhaps this is the perfect time to "be still" and listen for the silence and presence of God.  Hmmm . . . perhaps this is the perfect time to resume my old practice of daily prayer, a practice that fell to the wayside over the summer.

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3 thoughts on “A Butt-Kicking

  1. Yes! Get back into the practice of daily prayer. There is nothing else that will better equip you to deal with the stress and strains of ministry. And, on days when it seems that your busy schedule doesn’t have the time for it, spend twice as long in prayer.

  2. I am so glad to hear that you have finally made it to elsewhere! It has been a long journey and it is good to see you so happy and passionate even if you are exhausted…join the club. Daily prayer is the only way I can survive ministry. I have often found that I have more time when I do the office. Strange isn’t it? Anyway, I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers.

  3. Are you sure it isn’t just muscles being stretched as opposed to getting your butt kicked? Granted, internship does not provide the same napping opportunities that the summer did, but….
    You’re going to do great, kiddo. But make sure you don’t try to do everything all at once. There is a pacing to all of this. 😉
    Love to you and all the girls!

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