Going Post-Seasonal, Baby!

It’s a happy week in the Zephyr household. That scream you heard on Sunday afternoon came from me, a joyful response to the Phillies’ victory.  Today they play their first postseason game since my freshman year in college.  I admit to some anxiety about playing the Rockies, and also to not liking the Phillies chances to win the whole shebang, but what do I know?  I thought they were out of it in July, August, and most days in September, too.  Yet here the Phillies are, playing October baseball.  (For what its worth, however, none of the Philadelphia sportswriters think the Phillies will win the World Series.)

And many thanks to the folks at my internship congregation, St John’s by the Gas Station, for allowing me to travel to Philadelphia tomorrow to see my first ever Phillies postseason game.  Game 2 of the NLDS, Phillies vs. Rockies, 3:07pm.  I’ll be there.

Let’s go Phils!

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5 thoughts on “Going Post-Seasonal, Baby!

  1. It made me sad to be pulling for the Phillies (I’m originally from Pittsburgh and, God help me, a diehard Pirates fan), but any team is better than the Mets. Besides, might was well have the team from eastern PA in there. Lord knows the one from western PA never will be. Sigh.

  2. Hi Chris,
    At least someone gets to follow their team post season for once. I noticed the national sports media (ESPN, etc) spent 75% of their time talking about how the Mets flopped and about 15% about how the Phillies actually had a great comback to get in the series. Of course the Mets did collapse but you think that they would have a stroke if he doesn’t talk about New York or Boston for 5 minutes.
    Sorry to see they lost today I will be pulling for the Phillies or “Non-Mets”. Hope you enjoy your playoff series.

  3. Such an emotional rollercoast. I hope the Phillies do better tonight. At least my Red Sox won their first game!!
    Don’t tell anyone but I wore red yesterday in celebration of the Red Sox -but most people thought it was for the Phillies.

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