One Annoying Team Down . . .

I’m not usually very mean in my blogposts.  However . . .

The Chicago Cubs are out of the playoffs.  Yea!  That’s one annoying team out of the playoffs, but two yet remain: the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees.  No offense to my family and friends who love these teams . . . I just can’t stand these teams.  According to the national media, the baseball universe begins and ends in these cities, and the meaning of life is intrinsically connected to the rise and fall of these teams.  Give me a break.

Sure, they’ve got money, they’ve got history, they’ve got big markets, they’ve got cockamamie myths and hyped-up tradition, they’ve got charming antique stadiums that smell, and they’ve got crazy fans.  But I’m sick of it.  I’m cheering for David, not Goliath.  I’m cheering for the other guys.

Let’s go Angels!  Let’s go Indians!

And of course . . . Let’s go Phillies!  (As of this writing, the Phillies are tied 1-1 in the 8th inning of a must-win Game Three of the divisional series at Colorado.  I hope I can stay awake, but that 5:30am alarm comes early on a Sunday morning . . .)

UPDATE: Nearly 1am.  The Phillies are done.  It was fun while it lasted.  But they have proved that you can’t go far in the post season without pitching.  Or without hitting.  Or without a clue.  They’ve just been bad in all aspects of the game for these three games.  The better team, the hotter team, won.  G’night folks.  I’ve got church in the morning.

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