Our Christian Nation?

In an interview with Beliefnet, John McCain recently claimed that the Constitution establishes ours as a Christian nation.  Argh.  And to think that I gave money to and voted for this guy back in 2000 (yes, back when I was a registered member of the Grand Old Party)!  Well, there’s a well-written opinion piece in yesterday’s New York Times – A Nation of Christians Is Not a Christian Nation – that highlights many historical examples of our nation’s persistent resistance to being identified as a "Christian nation."  The NYT column presents nothing new to those of us who wholeheartedly embrace the separation of church and state, but it is a nice, succinct rebuttal of the notion that the United States is a "Christian nation."

Thanks to Don over at Blog from the Capital, a wonderful Church/State blog affiliated with the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty, for the link.

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