Daily Prayer, Oct 18 thru Oct 24

I’ve updated the Daily Prayer page
with the daily readings and prayers that prepare us for and flow from the Sunday worship.  Readings and prayer for
Thursday’s Festival of Saint Luke, Evangelist, is also included.  All
readings and prayers are according to usage in Evangelical Lutheran Worship.

Let us pray.

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4 thoughts on “Daily Prayer, Oct 18 thru Oct 24

  1. Hey Chris, thanks for the comment on Everyday Liturgy.
    Cool daily prayer page. I was raised Lutheran (in both LCMS and ELCA churches) and consider myself most Lutheran in approach, particularly the Barthian variety. In the emergent, young adults worship service I help out with at the non-denominational church I now attend, I use the ELCA’s Book of Worship to add directed prayer and scripture readings to the service.

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