ELW’s Occasional Services

The draft pastoral care/occasional services resources for Evangelical Lutheran Worship have been posted online.  I’m very excited to look these over, and will offer some thoughts on these materials soon.  The LBW Occasional Services was published about five years after the pew edition of LBW.  It looks as if this might be ready on a much faster timetable . . . yea!

Yesterday was a very full and wonderful day – preaching on prayer and the promise of God; an adult forum on the nasty things Luther said; and, a small group sharing prayers for the family and home.  I will say more – and share the outline of my adult forum – soon.


  1. Pastor David · October 22, 2007

    I hadn’t seen this yet – but thanks for pointing it out. I was wondering when we would hear some word about a new OS book.

  2. Pastor David · October 22, 2007

    And yes, do post the outline. We are all looking forward to hearing about the forum.

  3. ecclesiacrucis · October 22, 2007

    …and you did a fantastic job with all of them. (And I’m not just saying that because you spent the whole day today reading my dissertation.) Love you.

  4. Jerry Collell · July 12, 2011

    Anybody out there able to e-mail me the ELW Pastoral Care service on 7.2–Prayers and Blessings after a civil Marriage? And add any comments or warnings on landmines to avoid or things that work well? My Bishop alerted me that this resource is available but the service is this Saturday and I found the title but nothing else available on the web. I hadn’t crossed this bridge yet and got a call from my nephew this week that the person who was leading their service was incapacitated and wants me to put a service together and lead it… Appreciate your help!! Jerry Collell office@yelmemanuel.com

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