Phillies Make Phirst Move

In this offseason’s Hot Stove League the Phillies have made the first move – acquiring reliever Brad Lidge from the Houston Astros.  This move improves the Phillies’ starting rotation by allowing the team to return Brett Myers to the ace position, and gets us a proven talent in Lidge. 

Even though the Phillies are the reigning National League East champions, they can’t sit pat with their team as it currently is.  We need to improve.  The Phillies owe their division title more to the Mets’ collapse rather than to their performance.  Upgrading their pitching is a great first step toward returning to the top spot in the east.

Now, if we can only get a good third baseman and address center field – by re-signing Aaron Rowand or acquiring someone else.  If we can do all this, the Phillies will definitely be the team to beat in 2008.

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  1. I saw Lidge pitch a few times for the ‘Stros. He was kind of shakey but seemed to be more solid by years end. Hopefully the version you get is the 2004/2005 Lidge.

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