Phillies’ New Alternate Home Uniform (Yawn)

The Phillies today unveiled their new alternate home jersey.  It’s a cream-colored shirt and pant uniform without pinstripes.  The team name is written in the familiar script, and a red stripe runs down each leg.  Throw in the blue hat with a red "P," and you have a 1940s-esque throw-back uniform.


There’s nothing wrong with this new uniform – it looks fine, I guess – but I’m not a fan of "alternate" hats, jerseys or uniforms.  And since these unis will be worn only on home day games, they’ll get – what, a dozen or so? – wears.  Big deal. 

(The Philadelphia sportswriters didn’t know – or didn’t reveal – the uniform design, but some dude over at The Everything Baseball Union Board posted a good sketch of the new uniform on his website back on November 12.)

If the Phillies wanted to tinker with their uniforms I would have suggested that they change their road jerseys to be emblazoned with Philadelphia across the front, rather than the team name (a la San Francisco, both New York teams, and Boston).  In a city where loyalty to the Phillies is not huge but identity with the city is significant, this jersey would sell.  As a native Philadelphian living in Virginia, I know I’d wear one (I currently own one Phillies jersey – #53 Bobby Abreu, purchased in the spring of 1998).

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3 thoughts on “Phillies’ New Alternate Home Uniform (Yawn)

  1. They do look like yawners….
    The Twins have several uniforms. I thought that the dark blue shirt unis were only for home gaves, but I’ve seen them worn on the road too. Beats the boring grey that is usually worn by most teams when away.
    Apparently when at home, the starting pitcher gets to pick the uniform for the day.
    I was not happy when the Twins started using a cap with a TC on the front rather than an M, since they are the Minnesota Twins, not the Twin City Twins. Yet I did see the M cap this summer a few times.
    I like it that they have the names on the back, since the names/faces part of my brain is defective. When watching the play offs, I don’t like it when the opposing teams don’t have the names. The Yankees never have the names. I suppose that when the whole bunch of players earns such larrrrrrrrge salaries, they figure they are famous enough to not have the name on the shirt.
    BTW, we lost Torii Hunter, a great defensive and offensive player, and a great guy. Guess the Twins didn’t even put up a fight for him.

  2. Personally….I think they should go back to the purpley/maroony color and ditch the fire engine red. That’s MY opinion.

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