Advent Worship with Jesus Jones & Dada

I tried something new today.  I preached using new (to me) techniques and multimedia tools. 

I made light use of our digital projector to display two images, and lyrics to two pop songs from the 1990s.  I also played the songs to open and close the sermon.  And I also stepped out of the pulpit and preached part of my sermon from the altar, the baptismal font, and the pews.

It was probably the only Lutheran church today to hear Jesus Jones’ "Right Here, Right Now" and Dada’s "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" proclaimed as part of the message.  My favorite part was when, immediately following the early ’90s Jesus Jones song, the congregation sang "Wake, Awake, for Night is Flying," a tune from the 16th century.

To read the sermon, click here.  An incomplete collection of my sermons – good, bad, and otherwise – can be found here

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One thought on “Advent Worship with Jesus Jones & Dada

  1. Have you gotten any feedback? Let us know.
    Our church is used to variety, but we had one pastor who walked around and it didn’t go over well. Others have done it successfully. I guess that depended on if the pastor just seemed nervous or if there was a content reason to change positions, ie one pastor could memorize a Gospel chapter and speak it as if playing all the parts, very effective.

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