New Year’s Mix Tape – new iPod edition

It’s been a while since my Weekly Mix Tape made an appearance here.  I had only about 120 songs on my Inno, a cool combination XM Radio receiver and MP3 player.  Creating a random assortment of 10 songs from the same 120 songs was getting old. 

But for Christmas Dad gave me an 80GB iPod Classic loaded with 4704 songs from his music collection.  It is so awesome!  Thank you Dad! (he reads my blog).  Earlier today I added about 800 song from my collection, with more to come.  Without further ado, the Weekly Mix Tape is back, and better than ever.  Look for it on Fridays.

Weekly Mix Tape: New Year’s, New iPod edition

In Your Honor – Foo Fighters
Moonage Daydream – David Bowie
Hey Little School Girl – Rockin’ Tabby Thomas
Alone – Moby
Name of Love – Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
She Came in Through the Bathroom Window – The Beatles
Dusty Skies – Willie Nelson
Eeny Meeny Mein y Mo – Teddy Wilson and his Orchestra with Billie Holiday
Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey
Don’t Wait for Me – The Judybats

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