Daily Prayer Podcasts . . .

I’m dabbling with a new aspect of my Daily Prayer bloggingpodcasting the Daily Prayer over at my new Daily Prayer Podcast site.  Neither the site nor the podcast are not too fancy.  The site needs work and the podcast is just me reciting a slightly amended version of the Order of Daily Prayer, along with the readings for the day.  Perhaps this might be of interest for folks who listen to their iPod while commuting to work or exercising . . . Perhaps not!  Either way, it’s worth a try.  My blog’s Daily Prayer page is the most visited of all of my blog’s pages and posts.

In order to do this, I’m using my new iPod with a Micromemo voice recorder, with which I’ll also record sermons and which my wife might use for her lectures and research.

Like I said, we’ll see if this works – for me or for anybody else out there in the blogosphere.  But however we do it . . . Let us pray.

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2 thoughts on “Daily Prayer Podcasts . . .

  1. Hi,
    I modified my RSS syndicator to just receive posts in the Daily Prayer category of your blog and pull its feed to my blog. I must really voice my appreciation for your effort to bring back some of the beauty and depth of liturgical worship.
    Just a short comment about your podcast … why WAV? 🙂

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