Layperson Preside at Holy Communion?

Eric, who blogs over at The Heart of a Pastor, has a thought-provoking post exploring the issue of lay presidency at Holy Communion.  I’ve added my two cents with a comment, too.  Check out his post.  And if you haven’t yet added him to your blogroll or feedreader, please do.  His is an excellent blog, truly showing the heart of a pastor.

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2 thoughts on “Layperson Preside at Holy Communion?

  1. Thanks for the post and endorsment. And thanks for your contribution to the discussion. I truly value your theological insights.

  2. What started as a comment turned into a long, rambling post (but with pictures!). Guess what side of the fence I’m on here!?
    Thanks for pointing this article out. It is quite a good one.

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