Prayer Podcast Punted

My short-lived experience as a daily prayer podcaster is coming to a close.  For a week I provided MP3s of my Order of Daily Prayer with daily lectionary readings.  And though the time commitment was not significant – only 20 minutes, slightly longer than it takes to do the devotion itself – there were three problems with this effort:

  • Prayer as performance – Conducting my devotion in front of a microphone made me conscious of how I spoke the words of my daily prayer regimen.  I became concerned with diction, speed, and noises most other folks don’t want to hear, such as my phone ringing or my throat being cleared.  Focus shifted from prayer to performance.  Not good.
  • Time crunch – trying to get the podcast recorded and posted everyday by late afternoon required that I be in front of my computer to do my devotion earlier in the day.  And then I had to carve out about 20 minutes when I could be uninterrupted.  In the end, it was getting to be nuisance to think of when I could make a "clean" recording in time for a late afternoon posting.
  • Getting out of sync – each day I was recording the next day’s devotion so that potential listeners could download it for use on the proper day.  This screwed up my own schedule and life, and for a few days I was writing the wrong date on all my papers and letters.  I even erroneously updated the readings on my Daily Prayer page a day in advance, making it impossible for folks who wanted to use my daily prayer page for devotion today.  Sorry about that!

It may come back.  It may not.  But for now, the short life of the Daily Prayer Podcast is over.

Published by Lutheran Zephyr

Spouse. Parent. Lutheran Pastor. National Guardsman. Political Junkie. Baseball Fan.

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