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This weekend Northern Virginia is expecting an ice storm.  Oh, to live in a climate where rain is rain and snow is snow, and ice appears only in the freezer.  Oh well.  That’s not where I live.  The storm is supposed to be pretty bad – they’re calling for freezing rain to fall all day, on top of 1-2 inches of snow that will fall tonight.  Ice skating, anyone?

My lovely wife is sequestered in a hotel through Sunday, making a concerted and focused effort to get her (insert expletive here) dissertation done.  She is so close, but with a new full-time job and three children at home it is tough for her to find the time to write.

Two out of three kids in my family are sick enough to make sleeping difficult, but not sick enough for the doctor to be able to do anything for them.  Did I mention that my wife is in a hotel this weekend?

I’ve applied for copyright permission from Augsburg Fortress Publishers to use an amended form of Responsive Prayer on my new Daily Prayer Delivered blog.  A friend reminded me that I was probably violating copyrights by posting this material online, so I made my petition to my former co-workers at Augsburg Fortress.  I’ll let you know what they say to me.  (For a good, short plea for a new approach to copyrights and permissions for liturgical material, check out this post – The Church and Copyleft – from Father Chris, an Independent Catholic priest who was raised in the Lutheran Church.)

I’ve been dabbling with a custom theme on this blog, but Typepad doesn’t make it easy for amateurs like me.  If this blog looks funny to you, it’s entirely my fault.  But I’m tired and I’m not fixing it for a few days.  Here’s the banner I was toying with:

Banner44 Have a good weekend.  For all who are battling ice and snow, please be safe!

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3 thoughts on “Life, Blog Updates

  1. HI I have found this website recently and thanks again for sharing it with us in class at KOK. I see from this posting you are in the trenches the next couple days with all the kids (and so is Jessicah as she finishes her dissertation)! Jim and I are at home this weekend if there is anything we can do just send out an email SOS, and raise the white flag. We are standing by even if it is running errands or bringing food to your house. Don’t hesitate because we know all to well how very tough it is when any of the kids are sick. And here’s a quote, maybe some humor for the day is in order: “When you want something really bad and you close your eyes and wish for it– God’s the guy who ignores you.” attributed to someone named Caspian Tredwell-Owen, whoever that is.

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