Beyond Capernaum

My old seminary classmate Matt Staniz has a new blog.  I figure it’s worth reading for three reasons:

  • he serves a church in my fare hometown of Havertown, PA
  • his new blog has an awesome name: Beyond Capernaum.  Capernaum – Jesus’ home base for his ministry – was my favorite place on a Holy Land tour I took ten years ago (yeah, it beat out Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, and all the other mega-popular touristy holy places in my estimation).
  • he’s a smart, witty, and faithful guy. 

So, go check out his blog, add it to your blogroll, bookmarks, and/or feedreader, and enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “Beyond Capernaum

  1. Can’t take those black background blogs…my eyes start to go fuzzy on me. They are old eyes, granted. I’m liking your blog, though – really insightful comments on the Wright thing.

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