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I commend to you The Daily Office

After the disheartening experience of being denied permission to publish a modified version of the simple order of Responsive Prayer from Evangelical Lutheran Worship, I’ve been posting a bare bones order of prayer with daily lectionary readings from the Revised Common Lectionary.  My hope is to eventually develop an order of prayer based on the church’s grand tradition of daily prayer yet intentionally informed by Lutheran practice and theology.  But that is a project for the summertime, perhaps.

In the meantime I will probably soon suspend my Daily Prayer Delivered blog until I can re-fashion it into something that is truly a substantive Lutheran order of daily prayer.  Until then, please pray with our sisters and brothers in Christ over at The Daily Office.

Let us pray.

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  1. Chris, do you know what the difference is between the Lutheran and other traditions’ daily readings? We all use the Revised Common Lectionary. Here’s a case in point. There is a great site with worship, spiritual disciplines resources, including a daily feed of the lectionary, but the readings are completely different than the ones in the ELW lectionary for the same times. The site is

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