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When I lived in Philadelphia, it was a virtual habit for me to write letters to the editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer.  After eight months living in Washington, DC, my first letter to the editor of the Washington Post has been published.  In response to Left Out in Lacrosse – a piece about suburban Maryland schools that don’t offer Lacrosse programs – I wrote my letter, Children Who Really Miss Out.  It was published today.

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5 thoughts on “My Letter to the Editor

  1. If the dems keep fighting, and McCain chooses our governor as his VP, and McCain becomes president and our Gov. succeeds him, then you’ll really see some big cuts, because Mr. No New Taxes has managed to gut all the programs in our state. Meanwhile, there are dollar signs plastered all over the state as the Big Guys have money to spend in abundance.

  2. Thanks for writing this. I have teacher friends in PS’s state. They have over flowing classrooms (40-45 in a junior high language class!) and at least one is facing the possibility of loosing her job after the 08-09 school year because there will be no money for “extras” like arts and languages–and she teaches in one of the wealthiest suburbs!
    I didn’t know the Gov was a possible running mate. Lord, have mercy on the children.

  3. The Post has been waiting for you!
    I couldn’t help but notice that the reason they can’t have lacrosse programs is because “the black kids only want to play basketball”. That’s some damn fine racial stereotyping there! Maybe they could lure them to the lacrosse tryouts with some fried chicken or watermelon. Maybe some grape soda.

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