I’m Blogging Less

This blogging dip may be a temporary situation – I hope so, for I do enjoy blogging.  But life has been pretty darn busy recently. 

As I detailed in a post last evening, our au pair suddenly left a month ago, leaving us in a childcare pinch.  We’ve been trying to balance life and work and care for three children shorthanded.  Time I used to spend blogging I’m now spending holding children or catching up on household chores.

On top of that, I’m approaching my Approval for Ordination interview.  In the past few months I have written my approval essay, attended part of a Candidacy retreat, and sat for a 90-minute interview with two members of the seminary faculty (I received a positive recommendation from them).  May 16 is fast approaching . . .

Two weeks ago my wife put the final push on to complete her PhD dissertation.  She’ll have more edits yet to do, but getting the whole thing out on paper was a huge accomplishment. 

In addition to family and Candidacy, my internship is keeping me busy.  From teaching and preaching to fellowship events and pastoral care, I’ve had my hands full.  Our congregation is a vibrant place with lots going on . . .

So, that’s it.  Family, candidacy, internship . . . that is, Life has been catching up to me.

Published by Lutheran Zephyr

Spouse. Parent. Lutheran Pastor. National Guardsman. Political Junkie. Baseball Fan.

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