Faith, Politics, and Obama

I could write a missive about this issue, but I won’t (I’m too busy preparing for my Approval for Ordination interview, which will take place on Friday).  But during one of my breaks from interview preparation I stumbled upon this disturbing piece of literature from the Obama campaign (hat tip to Blog from the Capital for the link):

Oh, boy do I get worried when politicians use their faith to promote their politics – whether from the Republicans or the Democrats, this kind of comingling of faith and politics bothers me.  I care not that Obama is a "Committed Christian" and more that he could be a good President.  And last I checked, being a "committed Christian" is not in the job description for the Presidency of the United States.

Much more to say on this issue, but I’ve got to run.

** UPDATE **

The Trail, The Washington Post’s political blog, examined this flyer in Obama Emphasizes Faith in Kentucky a few hours after my post.  Check it out, and add The Trail to your feedreader.

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2 thoughts on “Faith, Politics, and Obama

  1. I saw some exit polling on TV after the NV election. Obama still has an upward climb regarding this religion, so I understand why this would be a campaign strategy.
    That said, I find it distasteful, at the least.
    Besides, a number of presidents in the past, before talking about faith was such a big deal, sure didn’t mind that they were listed as belonging to one or another Christian group. But it isn’t the membership that makes the difference, but the FOLLOWING that would make a difference. Think: Nixon.

  2. yeah, some people still think he is a Muslim, even after his pastor flap. But still, I DO find it worri-some. I want to be for him…

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