El Salvador Itinerary

I am part of a group of six members of my congregation traveling to El Salvador from August 1 through August 11.  Our goal is to learn about the Lutheran Church in El Salvador, walk with them for a few days of their faith journey, and initiate a relationship of mutual support and shared ministry for years to come.

Our itinerary is as follows.  Leaders in the denominational office of the Lutheran Church in El Salvador are serving as our hosts and guides.  I’ll update my blog as possible while traveling:

  • Friday, August 1 – travel day, arrive in San Salvador in the evening
  • Saturday, August 2 – basic orientation and introductions; travel to Santa Ana to meet and worship with members of Iglesia San Pablo
  • Sunday, August 3 – worship in the Church of the Resurrection in San Salvador, visit murals dedicated to the victims of the civil war, visit Parque Planes de Renderos and Puerta de Diablo
  • Monday, August 4 – Visit the Word and Image Museum in San Salvador, visit church for worship and anniversary celebration in Guaycume
  • Tuesday, August 5 – Visit San Jeronimo church in Guazapa for service of dedication of lay leaders – evangelists, catechists, and deacons; visit the site of Oscar Romero’s martyrdom
  • Wednesday, August 6 – Participate the pilgrimage in honor of the 21st anniversary of the Lutheran Bishop in El Salvador (from what I understand, this is quite a festival and day-long affair)
  • Thursday, August 7 – free time, and a visit to the San Salvador Volcano
  • Friday, August 8 – Visit the Central American University, site of the martyrdom of the Jesuit priests; worship service for the anniversary of Communidad San Lorenzo.
  • Saturday, August 9  – Visit Iglesia Bendicion de Dios in Cara Sucia (west of San Salvador, near Guatemala border), meet church members for conversation and lunch; visit Playa Bola del Monte (beach!)
  • Sunday, August 10 – Worship at Bendicion de Dios church, return to San Salvador
  • Monday, August 11 – Return to Washington

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  1. One of the pastors in our area, a graduate of LTSP, is under the direction of the Bishop in El Salvador due to his disagreement with the ELCA.

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