Hemos Llegado – We´ve Arrived

This evening we arrived in El Salvador, slightly late, but safe and sound.  The trip from the airport to the hotel took about 45 minutes, and except for some street lights sprikled along mountainsides, we really couldn´t see much because it was already dark.  Ironically, a few of us got a little sick from the food we ate . . . at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport!  I certainly hope it is not a sign of things to come.

On Saturday we head to Santa Ana to tour the city and meet with members of a congregation there.  It will be our first of many worship services, too.

The group is doing well, and we are all quite excited.  On a personal note, I am just tickled.  This is my first immersion in Latin American culture in over ten years.  I majored in Latin American Studies in college, and in seminary I received a concentration in Latino Ministry.  Since then, however, I haven´t done much with my experiences with and interests in Latin American culture.  This trip is a kind of pilgrimage to an earlier sense of call . . . a sense of call that perhaps will be rekindled and renewed, albiet in a new way.  (I wrote about this back in January, too, in a post entitled Why Arent I in Peru?)

As I am able I will update my blog during our trip.  Currently I am sitting at the computer behind the registration desk at our hotel.  I am not sure how long my host´s hospitality will last . . .

Thanks to all who are keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.  I´ll continue to write as I am able!

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