Life Gets in the Way of “Hope”

I've been pretty excited to blog chapter by chapter through NT Wright's Surprised by Hope: Rethinking Heaven, the Resurrection, and the Mission of the Church.  However, my initial plan to review a chapter every Monday and Thursday has run smack into the wall of life.  Since I first announced my intention to blog this book I have been unexpectedly busy with assignment/first call process happenings (no other details to share at this point); sending our oldest daughter to her first year in elementary school; going to the doctor's office a few times for our ear-infected 10 month-old; holding down the fort while my wife has made several visits to her sister who is pretty sick but getting better in a hospital about a hour from here; following the Phillies' run toward the post-season (thank God for XM Satellite radio that allows me to listen to the Phillies in Fairfax!); celebrating our oldest daughter's first lost tooth; frolicking outside on the first full days of fall; and then there's the tasks of church work; and so on . . .

For those of you who are reading along, I apologize.  The book blogging will return hopefully later this week.  But life has intervened, and as much as I enjoy this blog and this particular blog project, it takes a back seat to more important things, such as sick kids, pennant-race baseball, and a loose tooth.

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2 thoughts on “Life Gets in the Way of “Hope”

  1. That’s life as a dad or mom. So now you know why even feminists are questioning whether Sarah can do the job and still parent children in Alaska….or are they all moving to DC?

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