A Real-World Lutheran Bloggers Organization?

I was perusing the website for the National Lutheran Youth Gathering and noticed an invitation for displays and exhibitors.  Which got me to thinking . . . is it time for Lutheran Bloggers to reach beyond webrings and blogrolls and become organized enough to show up at national Lutheran events – such as the Youth Gathering and/or Churchwide Assembly?  It seems to me that the Lutheran online community – as disorganized and disparate as it is – is an emerging established arena for reflection on theology, ministry, and life from a Lutheran perspective, and some broader exposure might not be bad for us or for the whole church.

What do you think?  Is this a good idea, a lousy idea that isn't worth the pixels its printed on, or something in between?

Leave your comments.  We'll take it from there.

PS.  Just for fun, I was thinking of names for such a group.  Please add your ideas!

  • SLOB – Society of Lutheran Online Bloggers
  • ALB – Association of Lutheran Bloggers
  • BLA – Blogging Lutherans Association
  • Blog Alone
  • ELBA – Evangelical Lutheran Bloggers Association
  • JELBO – Junta of Evangelical Lutheran Bloggers Online
  • LWB – Lutherans Who Blog
  • NAFTRYC/IJALB – Not a Fad to Rescue Your Church/It's Just a Lutheran Blog
  • LMBAW – Lutheran Ministerium of Blogs and Adjacent Websites
  • LWPCGPAE – Lutherans Who Probably Can't Get Published Anywhere Else

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9 thoughts on “A Real-World Lutheran Bloggers Organization?

  1. Or
    Blog-Blogging Lutheran Offering Gospel
    Blitz-Blogging Lutherans in Tiny Zipdrives
    Lob-Lutheran Online Blogs
    Bloated-Blogging Lutherans Online Attacking The Educated Deacons
    Blast- Blogging Lutherans: Artists, Scribes, Teachers
    … Okay, I really should get to writing that Christian Ed. paper.

  2. tsk tsk……
    ELBO – taking your ELBA and changing it to Organization…..
    and it’s funny…..and has great potential for a logo…..with an elbow 🙂

  3. RuthRE –
    Great name! How did I ever miss ELBO?!?!?! My mind was blanking . . . I didn’t have a single “organization” in my list, though I did have an association, a ministerium, a junta, and a society . . . silly me.

  4. The cute names aside…what do others think of the idea of an organized Lutheran blogging network as Chris is asking about? I think it is an intriguing thought even though I am not sure how this would work. I would be very curious to read what others think of this (especially you Lutheran bloggers out there).

  5. The acronyms were a great diversion on a day I needed it. I am with Eric on this that it would be intriguing, and apologies for saying how cool it would be to talk about NT Wright and never coming back. Life comes at you fast.

  6. I’ve been feeling for some time now that the Episcopalians and the Presbyterians seem to be more organized bloggers than we are.
    I like ALB. I don’t have any more ideas (sorry, I had a funeral today).

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