Foul Ball

I was at Game 5 of the World Series, the first ever World Series game to be suspended.  It was wet and cold and yet extremely exciting.  I'm really tired right now, but I do have one question – why did Major League Baseball allow the top of the 6th inning to be played in sloppy conditions, without also playing the bottom of that inning?

This is potentially important.  Sloppy conditions tend to favor the offense, as fielding and throwing a wet ball in a driving rain is quite difficult.  BJ Upton's 6th inning steal was aided, in part, by the weather's impact on the Phillies' infielders.  Upton later came around to score.  The runner clearly has an advantage in bad weather.

Since the conditions didn't appreciably worsen during the middle of the 6th inning, why then – after the Rays had six at-bats and the Phillies only five – cancel the game?  The conditions were already pretty bad for about an inning or two.  The precipitation didn't worsen immediately prior to the Rain Delay, though the field was getting soppier and soppier, for sure.

I would had preferred that they called the Rain Delay (and then suspension) after five or six full innings.  With their ability to track weather patterns via satellite, and their knowledge about how Citizens Bank Park's field deteriorates during nasty weather, surely they could have managed the delay in such a way as to call the Rain Delay after a full inning, rather than in the middle of an inning.

IMG_1259Oh well.  Perhaps it'll all be moot when the Phillies rally and win Game 5 whenever it resumes.  But the way this game ended – or, rather, the way it was suspended – just seemed less than fair.

Nonetheless, it was a great night out with my dad.  We had a great time and I was thrilled to go to my first ever World Series game.  I won't be able to return for the final few innings of this game – I can't keep driving to Philadelphia from Virginia, unfortunately.  Thanks, Dad, for a memorable – and historic! – night!

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6 thoughts on “Foul Ball

  1. So, would you have preferred to be in the Metrodome? [Double Akkk…and just wait, as soon as the Twins get in there, the team and announcers will start complaining that there isn’t a dome, because we’ll be in the playoffs again.]

  2. Well, I’m convinced there are two reasons it was suspended when it was:
    1. They really wanted it to be a tie game, and that happened to be when the Rays caught up (albeit, as you stated, *because* of the weather). They didn’t want to have to suspend/think about canceling a game when the Phils were up because that means there’d be a chance (even though there wouldn’t be) that the Phils would win because they stopped the game.
    And #2:
    Life, the Universe, and Everything hates Philadelphia. A vast conspiracy, involving Mother Nature herself, is making sure that the Phillies have as hard a time winning this thing as possible.
    I’m glad you had fun!! And I hope you get to go back for the second half of the game.

  3. Congrats —
    The Phillies win the Series, the Phillies win the Series!
    sorry for the miserable weather – glad you had a great time with your Dad.
    I was at a high school sub-state football playoff game in Iowa and I didn’t even think to record the game. I got home in time to see the big dogpile on the catcher and pitcher and the celebration.
    That’s fantastic for all Philidelphians – even if they live in VA.

  4. Apparently the rule is “before 4-1/2 innings the game starts over, after 4-1/2 innings the team in the lead wins, unless the Commissioner decides it will be otherwise,” so they had to risk injury and play until the Rays tied the score. It showed some knowledge of the game for the fans to justifiably boo Selig during the trophy ceremony. On the other hand, it showed Philly lack of class to boo when Manuel complimented the Rays after the game.
    As the Psalmist said about tomorrow’s victory parade: “This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”

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