No Fan of Homeowners Associations

I've lived in communities ruthlessly controlled by Homeowners Associations (HOAs) for the past few years . . . and I can't move out soon enough.  Their silly rules barring certain color paints, the display of political yard signs, or the presence of trucks with lettering and ladders – ie, blue-collar contractors – are unfair and contradict our nation's greatest intentions and values (yes, I've lived in communities with these rules).  In fact, many HOAs barred the flying of flags – yes, including American flags!  Congress thankfully intervened on that score.

Today's Washington Post features an article about a man who painted a Hindu religious symbol on his driveway for his son's coming-of-age celebration.  The HOA wants him to remove this painting, even though the man's immediate neighbors couldn't care less about the artwork (in fact, it's quite beautiful).  Somehow, I doubt that the HOA would be as concerned with a painting of a creche at Christmas time or cross at Good Friday . . .

Either way, I believe that HOA's should be minimalist in their rules and regulations – concerning trash, presence of junk on front lawns, noise levels, etc..  But regulating vehicles, speech (religious or political or any other kind), and paint color is a bit rediculous, and unAmerican, if you ask me.

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4 thoughts on “No Fan of Homeowners Associations

  1. I can’t decide how to respond here. Your nationalism says, “Conservative.” But your praise of a Hindu religious symbol says, “Liberal.” C’mon, Chris, make it easy for people to categorize you or you’ll never get the disrespect you need to become famous.

  2. We help someone who is in an association. She had to replace the normal mulch around her flower beds with red mulch, which is actually regular wood chips sprayed red. How stupid, but even dumber, I asked, what about the guy across the street (same group of town homes.)? His mulch was brown (regular.) No, his building didn’t vote to have red mulch. Of course, she had to pay for the stuff. Sounds like congress, come to think of it.

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