ELCA Provides Press Release Featuring its Critics

The ELCA News Service offered a press release detailing and linking to the scathing critiques three Lutheran theologians have of the proposed social statement on human sexuality.  Whereas some of these guys have few nice words to say about the ELCA, the ELCA itself is helping them spread their harsh rhetoric.  Ironic, no?

My comment on the proposed social statement on human sexuality and these theologians' critiques will be shared in the coming weeks.


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2 thoughts on “ELCA Provides Press Release Featuring its Critics

  1. I feel like that in and of itself says a lot about the conflict.
    And I’m curious about your opinion. After reading your blog for awhile, I feel like we agree on a fair amount, and I’m having a bit of trouble getting my head around this statement. And why it needs to be stated. I apparently have a completely different worldview from a lot of people not just in my church at large, but in my congregation.

  2. I have to tell you, I think it is a good thing that the ELCA is open about the fact that there exists critics to proposed policy, including critics who are among our best brightest in the ELCA.
    For far too long, he ELCA has been accused of making back room deals on different things. This at least feels a little like transparency.
    I hope to be able to post about both the statement and the proposals after Easter some time.

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