I’m on Twitter (again)

Follow me, and I will make you bored out of your mind.

I tried Twitter back in the fall and didn't see the point.  I still don't – save for the entertainment of watching feedback on a live event, such as a presidential debate or ballgame or something – but I'm going to try it again anyway, if for no other reason than to figure out its appeal and worth.  Once upon a time I didn't "get" call waiting or answering machines, blogging or Facebook, and those things have all stuck around.  You can accuse me of being behind the curve, if you like . . . because I am.

If you have anyone worth following on Twitter, please let me know (here, or on Twitter, or on Facebook, or via snail mail, or perhaps smoke signal.  Sorry, no Morse Code).

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One thought on “I’m on Twitter (again)

  1. Hi, there! I just found your blog and am loving it! I would usually lurk for a while before commenting, but not today.
    I just got on Twitter, too, and don’t know yet if it will be of any use at all. Mostly I follow fun people like Paula Poundstone. Also Nick Swisher, though I’m not a Yankees fan (I’m an A’s fan, which is where he started out — how’s Joe Blanton doing?).
    I just got directed this morning to a twitip on “Twitter for Churches and Non-Profit Organizations” (http://www.twitip.com/twitter-for-churches-and-non-profit-organizations/) which may or may not be useful. Doesn’t seem to suggest much. But we’ll see.
    If you want to add further pointless blather to your feed, I’m at heytoepfer. But, heck, we’ll both talk baseball and church and that’s worth something, right?

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