Decline of faith-based niche blogging?

I have noticed a decline in the number of blogposts appearing in my Google Reader in recent months.  The decline includes my blog, of course, as I've been blogging infrequently since December.  But I am not alone.  Many of the "churchy" blogs that I used to read regularly are posting less often.  With the exception of the rise of Facebook – and many of my church blog friends are on Facebook – I really cannot explain this phenomenon.

For my part, I'm finding that since throwing myself into the work of full-time parish ministry I have less time and energy to blog.  My life essentially has two parts – church and family, both of which are terribly time and attention consuming.  Blogging – which for some can be part of their work – would essentially take time from either my churchwork or my family, and that's nothing I'm willing to do right now.  If I decide to take time from either, it will be for exercise at the local gym to get rid of the excess 30-40 pounds I'm carrying around.

Furthermore, I'm finding that my inspiration to blog is similar to the challenges I've had recently with writing my bi-weekly sermons.  In my pastoral role – I'm an Associate Pastor – I deal with lots of programming.  I'm finding that managing programs uses a different part of my brain than does writing (blogposts or sermons or newsletter articles), and the writing has suffered as a consequence.  I hope to return to more and better writing, including on this blog.  But when I do get the energy, creativity, and ability to write, it's all I can do to just focus on the sermon and not get carried away with other writing projects right now.

I expect that this is part of my learning curve, my adjustment to full-time parish ministry.  Now in my fifth month, I notice that I am developing patterns and setting priorities in a better manner than I did when I first started.  Perhaps as I continue to grow into this ministry and calling I will find the time and creative ability to return to writing more frequently … I certainly hope so.

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  1. I found your comments while looking for the “right” way to train the young people who want to be acolytes at our church. Two important things:One, the parent that comes up and insist their kid wants to be an acolyte-may not have checked with their kid first. Second, while it’s important the kids take their roll in worship seriously, they need to know that the service wont come to a screeching halt if they screw up. As you make reference to PIXAR’s Cars, I use Dory from Little Nemo. If you make a mistake, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.”

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