Today is the National Day of Prayer

My three frequent readers – or what's left of them after I've all but fallen off the blogging cliff – know that I have some severe concerns about the relationship of church and state, particularly when the two get too close to each other.  And so since today is the National Day of Prayer (established in 1952 and coordinated by a task force currently chaired by Shirley Dobson), I offer links to past posts expressing concerns about the blending of faith and patriotism, and outlining what I feel to be appropriate ways Christians can engage political and civic matters.

One of my favorite posts … an outline for how Christians can and should praise God and honor country, while recognizing the differences between and maintaining the integrity of both faithful praise and patriotic honor.  A follow-up: More Thoughts on God & Country.
A little piece outlining my concerns about this very day.  Written in 2008.
  • I frequently and severely criticized Barack Obama on church/state matters when he was running for office, including:
This post commends Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee for trying to turn the focus from religion to politics in the GOP Presidential primary.
Less focused on the church/state issue, this post looks at Luther's writings on Psalm 82 in search of a "Lutheran" political philosophy.

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One thought on “Today is the National Day of Prayer

  1. Good, this year there will be less posturing, and perhaps there will be more praying. I didn’t even like it when there was a day of prayer outside my kids’ school. I always wondered who was really organizing it, for example.

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