UPDATE: December 2009

I’m beginning to post my sermons at a separate sermon blog, with its own feed, post archives, categories, etc..  I will no longer post new sermons here and, as time allows, I will migrate old sermons to the new sermon blog.  Thanks!


Sermons are listed according to date, with the most recent appearing at the top of the list.  I generally do not give titles to my sermons – I’m not really a fan of such a practice – but I have given titles to these sermons so that this list isn’t simply an index of dates.

I’ve preached sporadically since the late 1990s, when I entered seminary.  Since December 2008 I’ve been preaching every other week as an Associate Pastor.  I’ve lost many of my earliest sermons – a mixed blessing, for sure – but any complete sermons that I have found and all future sermons will be posted here.

NOTE: I write my sermons with a loose sentence structure, with indentations and breaks, building upon phrases and thoughts rather than carefully crafted sentences appropriate for publishing.  I find that this method – rather than a paragraph format – helps keep my writing and my delivery more natural, since the task of a preacher is different than the task of an essayist or lecturer.  Copying and pasting this format from Microsoft Word (and since June 2009, Open Office Writer) to the blog’s HTML code isn’t always clean.  My apologies.

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Called to Resurrection Lutheran Church in Arlington, VA. Ordained December 20, 2008

Began internship September 1, 2007 at King of Kings Lutheran Church, Fairfax, VA

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