Addressing the Churchwide Assembly in today’s sermon

"Does this offend you?" Jesus asks.

Many were offended this week in Minneapolis at the Lutheran Church's biennial Churchwide Assembly.

Many of the pastors and lay people who gathered this week in Minneapolis took offense at a church that seemed to be leaving them behind, going in a direction with which they could not agree, fearful that the church in which they had spent their lives was abandoning Scripture, tradition, morality.

Gay and lesbian Lutherans took offense at the prohibition that has kept them from ordained ministry, and a tradition that has not recognized their relationships.

In a sermon about a God who offends us, I speak about the ways in which we offend each other, just a few days after our Lutheran Church voted to fully welcome gays and lesbians into the ministry of the church.  For the full sermon, click here: Our Offensive God.

Peace to you.

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