Non-Negotiable: Women in Ministry

The Archbishop of Canterbury yesterday made his most outspoken challenge to
the Roman Catholic Church since the Pope invited disaffected Anglicans to
switch to Rome.

Speaking before he meets Benedict XVI tomorrow, Dr Rowan Williams told a
conference in Rome that the Catholic Church’s refusal to ordain women was a
bar to Christian unity….

[Y]esterday the Archbishop made clear that there would be no turning back
the clock on women priests in order to appease critics.

– From Archbishop tells Pope: there will be no turning back on women priests (TimesOnline)

I am glad to hear that the Archbishop has strongly reaffirmed the Anglican Communion's commitment to the ordination of women, and, perhaps more significantly, has thrown the burden for Christian unity back on Rome.  If the Anglicans and the Roman Catholics will ever come into full communion, Rome will have to accept the ordination of women.

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2 thoughts on “Non-Negotiable: Women in Ministry

  1. the Archbishop has strongly reaffirmed the Anglican Communion’s commitment …
    Actually, the Anglican Communion as a whole has never made a “commitment” to the ordination of women. Some provinces ordain women; some do not. The story line has always been that the Communion was in a period of “reception” about this innovation, in which the Communion was to come to a consensus about WO. Given that there remain Anglican provinces which do not ordain women, it cannot be said that consensus has been achieved, so theoretically the period of “reception” goes on.
    It is clear from Dr Williams’s remarks that as far as he is concerned the period of reception is over, and the innovation of women’s ordination has been accepted. But this is the first more or less official statement that that is the case.
    In any case it is astounding to me that Dr Williams (or anyone else) thinks that if the values of our age and culture conflict with the Apostolic Tradition, then we get to change the Tradition. Catholic faith and order is something given to us, not something we get to make up as we go along.

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