Blog Updates, and an Anniversary

My sermons now appear on their own blog, The Lutheran Zephyr: Sermons.  For you who subscribe using a reader such as Google Reader, it has a separate feed from my main blog's feed.  If you care to subscribe to the feed, simply visit the blog or the direct feed.  I hope to get snazzy gadgets, such as an email subscription option, up there soon.  Not sure that I'll populate this blog with older sermons, however …

I haven't wanted to post my sermons as ordinary blogposts on this blog, and instead I put each sermon on a dedicated blog page.  I linked to the sermons then on a sermons page.  It was a labor-intensive, and lame, way to keep the sermons organized.  Perhaps this will be better.

Also, today was the first anniversary of my ordination.  Here is a blogpost I wrote a few days after my ordination and first time presiding.

A blessed Advent to all!

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