Is Youth Ministry Leadership Dominated by Men?

Years ago I was a youth director, and now as an associate pastor I am getting back into the youth ministry groove.  As I've begun to review the resources, associations, conferences, and organizations dedicated to youth ministry, I'm struck by how many of them are headlined by men.  Admittedly, I'm just beginning to get re-acquainted with the literature and resources available for youth ministry.  My observations are hardly thorough or scientific.  Yet apart from Kenda Creasy Dean, I'm not seeing many women in the crowd.  Am I just looking in the wrong places?  Is my church just not on the right mailing lists?

If you have any youth ministry resources, organizations, associations, conferences, or literature to suggest – particularly those written or led by women – please share here.  Thanks.

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3 thoughts on “Is Youth Ministry Leadership Dominated by Men?

  1. Thanks, Jake, for the link to Kara Powell and Fuller. I’ve received some comments via email and on FB about youth workers … what I’m getting at in this post is not the local youth workers, but the national youth ministry gurus (for lack of a better term) who speak and write and inspire so many people in youth ministry. Among that group of people, I haven’t seen too many women (though, as I mention above, perhaps that’s because I’m not looking in the right places?).
    Thanks for the link!

  2. A comment on my Facebook page:
    Check out “Doing Girlfriend Theology” by Dori Baker..I think you’re right, it is dominated by men….interesting concept to ponder.

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