Lutheran Church Greets Muslims, Jews on Holy Days

A local Lutheran congregation, St Luke's Lutheran in Derwood, MD, sends greetings to their Jewish and Muslim neighbors with a message on their church sign.  Kudos to Pastor Sarah Lewis and the people of St Luke for extending these greetings in the current tense inter-religious climate.


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One thought on “Lutheran Church Greets Muslims, Jews on Holy Days

  1. It is hard for me to trust Christians. They go around the world preaching love, repent, and love your enemies; and yet they hate us Jewish people, they are the ones who need repentance for killing us in the Crusades, Inquisition, and Holocaust. People like Martin Luther, Queen Isabella, King Edward I and other popes and pastors who had the power to stop anti-Semitism, should have avoided the Holocaust. People like Napoleon, Rembrandt, Copernicus, and some others had more respect for us. Christians bear the moral and spiritual responsibility for the ant-Semitism and the killing of million of Jewish: they are guilty and they will pay for their actions. God says: You do not mess with my Chosen ones. How do you think Jesus felt when He saw His own flesh in concentration camps or being burning in a stake? By saying that Jewish killed Jesus, they are saying that He killed Himself.
    Yes, we killed Jesus-Christ and Christians got the benefits: they can repent and they will be able to resurrect thanks to us who will go to hell and they will go the heaven. Is Christianity is so great – why are Christians in jails, court, depressed, unhappy, and so forth. Jewish people don’t go around preaching who they are because we know who we are – we weren’t born yesterday. We don’t envy other religions or feel rejected or feel unsecured. I will never forgive Christians for the Crusades, Inquisitions, and especially for the Holocaust. Ruth

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